Verdon Canyon

The Verdon Canyon is a marvel of nature. The Verdon river has dug over the millenia a true fault of a few hundred meters high. To be discovered !!

River, rapids, scenary

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Aqua Rando Grand Canyon du Verdon




The river portion corresponding to the Verdon Canyon is located between the villages of Rougon (and the famous "Point Sublime") and Moustiers Sainte Marie (specifically the lake of Holly Cross - Lac de Sainte Croix). 


At the end of the Verdon Gorge, the cliffs rise and become tighter. Whether by raft or airboat, you gradually feel smaller as one progresses into the immensity and the magic of the place. 


The Verdon Canyon is the most famous part of the Verdon known for its immensity. Imagine the cracks in the rocks that reach 700 meters high.


The Verdon Canyon is one of the largest canyons in Europe and if not, the greatest. 

Discover the Verdon Canyon

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Grand Canyon du Verdon en Aqua Rando



The Verdon canyon is home to many species of fauna and flora, some of which are endemic and thus threatened (the "Apron du Rhône", the "Doradille", etc.).


The Verdon Canyon is also home to numerous rapids and unusual places like the "Styx" (you may know the mythological legend...) and "Imbut" (chaos rocks that can be visited by swimming).


The Verdon Canyon is also renowned for its roads ("Route des Gorges" and the famous "Route des Crêtes"). But it is only by engaging in the water sports taht one best captures the grandeur of the canyon. It is by climbing, hiking, but especially by aqua trekking that one better captures the interior of the canyon.


On days when EDF dam do not give water, it is possible to go down the river using the waves by aqua trekking. Lying down on your back allows you to have a permanent view towards the peaks of the canyon.