Aqua trekking in the Verdon Gorge

Lying on your back, equipped with a thick wetsuit, float down the rapids and enjoy the wonderull surroundings swimming, jumping and trekking.

Aqua Trekking / Floating / Swimming Verdon

Aqua Trekking Verdon Grand Canyon, river hiking verdon, floating verdon, hiking verdon, hydrospeed verdon, swimming verdon
Aqua Trekking Verdon Grand Canyon

 Do you enjoy walking through nature and exploring very few accessible exceptional sites ?

Do you enjoy water sites and hope to understand the white water on a course embellished with jumps and slides ?


If these questions suit you, you will love aqua trekking !!


Aqua trekking allows all people not afraid of white waters and who know how to swim to discover a river that is more horizontal than vertical (something different to canyoning). 

Lying on your back, lifted by a life vest, allow yourself to be transported by the white waters of the river. 


In certain areas, it is possible (but never an obligation) to jump off rocks of 2 to 10 meters high !


Your guide always remains present to assure your safety, he will indicate the pathway you must follow and show you the remote corners of the Verdon. The position on which you lay on your back allows to cherish the scopes of the Verdon Grand Canyon. 



Around you, the waters have eroded the rocks giving it its amazing forms. The guide will also inform you on the fragility of the environment. He may also guide you through the area and raise the necessary awareness to preserve the given environment. 


Aqua trekking in the Verdon Grand Canyon

Aqua Trekking Verdon Grand Canyon, river hiking verdon, floating verdon, hiking verdon, hydrospeed verdon, swimming verdon
Aqua Trekking Verdon

 Aqua trekking  is a very popular activity within Verdon Gorges such that it is the only means possible to enter the interior of the Verdon Grand Canyon.


We offer you the possibility of 4 circuits.


  • The first being "Le Couloir Samson", situated at the entrance of the Verdon Grand Canyon. The level of difficulty is set at medium. It is accessible as of the age of 10. The activity takes half of your day and allows you to jump as high as 6 meters. Around you, the cliffs take are more than 400 meters high...


  • The second circuit is the more physical one, it is named "Chaos de l'Imbut". With this circuit the activity is held entirely during the day. The walk to do it is approximately 40 minutes, the aqua trekking lasting 2 hours, a picnic then set on a pebble beach along the border of the Verdon, moving on to the afternoon aqua trek lasting 1.30 hour followed by an 1 hour walk back...quite physical but mostly sublime ! Within this trip, you confront the impact of erosion on the waters, an astonishing scenery to see. It is also possible to visit the caves along the route, some that date from millions of years ago. The "Styx", "Imbut" are mythical sites of Verdon which you could visit.


    This circuit is available to all who are above the age of 14 and if you are relatively sportive.


  • The third ("Pont de Tusset") is a trip specially proposed for families with young children (from 7 years old). Nice discovery of the floating activity with small jumps, rapids and swims at the entrance of the Gorges. 
  •  The fourth is the combination of the "Pont de Tusset" trip and the "Couloir Samson" trip. It is a day trip less sporty than the "Chaos de L'imbut".


Aqua trekking courses and rates

Courses Particularities Duration Minimum age Rates

- Discovery "Pont de Tusset"

Specially for families. 

Good introduction to tha aqua trekking activity

2.15 hours 7 y.o. 45/50 €

Classic "Couloir Samson"

Grand canyon entry


Highest cliffs

2.30 hours 10 yo 50 €

- Sport "Couloir Samson" + "Trescaïre"

Long half day trip

4 hours 12 y.o. 70 €

- Sporty Day

"Chaos de l'Imbut"

Heart of the Grand Canyon

Athletic course

6h 14 y.o. 80 €