White Water Rafting Verdon Gorge

Do you enjoy defeating the white waters of a heavy current in the rivers ? Do you enjoy sharing such moment with your friends or colleagues ? If you do, you're going to love white water rafting !

About white water rafting

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White Water Rafting Verdon Gorges


White water rafting is the leading activity of any water aquatic sports in the mountains during summer. Between friends or family, this is the occasion to share a unique experience.


Equipped with a wet suit, a life jacket, a helmet and a paddle, be attentive to your guides briefing. He will give you instructions on the handling of your paddle, security measure and the characteristics of your selected route, etc.

And with such you shall be ready to defeat the white waters !

It is then time to climb aboard on the prepared stable and secured raft. The raft is an inflatable boat which is extremely resistant, welcoming 4 to 8 passengers.


The guide will lead the raft while its passengers introduce speed in order to cross the waters rapids. Within each rapids, the waters waves may soak a passenger or two... (or even all, regarding the chosen route !!).

2019 Innovation : book a private raft from 2 to 4 people !!

White Water Rafting Verdon Gorges

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Rafting Verdon Gorge from Castellane to the Grand Canyon

 Most of our meeting points for this activity are the entrance of the Verdon Gorge, in Castellane. This city is located on the southern alps, close to the french riviera.

The Verdon is not an "extreme" river but it does offer sensations which are to be shared as a group in a raft.

White water Rafting along the Verdon also offers the occasion to discover the river from its interior. Between each rapid, one can take their time to admire the beauty of the interior decor which the guide can also inform you on. 


Some routes will be more suitable for families and school groups whereas some are more suited for the more athletic kind.


Between Castellane and the entrance of the Verdon Grand Canyon, at level of "Point Sublime", 22 kilometers of river are navigable. 

We offer a number of different circuits each offering a different level of difficulty.


During spring and autumn, the Verdon is somewhat more sportive. This is time more ideal for certain groups of friends, newly weds arriving in a state of celebratory training.


Reservation is necessary, such that your arrival must be prepared for. The only thing we would like to ask you to do is to bring your swimwear and a pair of sport shoes.



White water Rafting Verdon Gorges trips and rates

Course Details Duration Minimum age Rates

 - Discovery trip

Suitable to all

1.30 h 6 yo 45/50 euros

- Half day trip

Suitable for all

2.15 h 10 yo 55 euros

Sporty half day trip

Finish into the canyon

2.30 h 12 yo 60 euros

- Full ride trip

Full ride 3.30 h 14 yo 70 euros
- Day trip Full ride with a lunch break 4.30 h 14 yo 80 euros