Whole  day aqua trekking in the Verdon Gorge

On a full day aqua trekking, discover the entrance of the Verdon Grand Canyon!

About the whole  day aqua trekking

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Aqua Trekking Verdon Grand Canyon

This whole day trip in the Verdon Gorge is a combination between two half day trips, the "Pont du Tusset" and the "Couloir Samson".


The first one is suitable for families in summer, but in spring, the water level is higher so more sportive. There is many jumps (until 8 meters) and very nice deep pools. 


The lunch area is located at the entrance of the "Grand Canyon". Enjoy more than 400 meters of cliffs around you !! 


In the afternoon, you will ride the "Couloir Samson", with many rapids, and a wonderful scenary.



Details of the whole  day trip

  • Duration : 4,30 hours
  • Lenght : 5 kilometres
  • Minimum age : 12 years old
  • Cost : 70€/person in low season. Private tour : 640€ (low season).
  • Period : From june to september, every day in case of no water release by the dam. In summer, this trip is not available.

Aqua trekking courses and rates

Courses Particularities Duration Rates Private rates Period

- Discovery "Pont de Tusset"

Specially for families. 

Good introduction to tha aqua trekking activity

2 hours 45/50 €  320/360€ June to august

 Half day "Couloir Samson"

Grand canyon entry


Highest cliffs

2,5 hours 50 € 360/400 € Mai to september

- Day "Pont du Tusset" +   "Couloir Samson"

Day trip accessible 

4,5 hours 70 € 640 € May and june

- Sporty Day

"Chaos de l'Imbut"

Heart of the Grand Canyon

Athletic course

6h 80 € 680€  May to september