Canyoning whole day trip (Riolan)

The "Riolan" canyon is one of the pearls of the Southern Alps. It has many jumps, slides and abseils.

About the whole day canyoning (Riolan)

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Aqua Trekking Verdon Grand Canyon

The Riolan canyon is located in the "Vallée de l'Estéron", in the heart of the "Parc des Pré-Alpes d'Azur".


The Riolan Canyon is reserved for a sporting public, having already handled ropes.


It is dotted with many jumps, the smallest (and mandatory) being 3 meters. The highest is 10 meters.

There are also many abseils, including one of 15 meters.

The toboggans or slides reach them ten meters.

Its playful aspect makes it one of the most fun canyons in France.


Its aesthetics is equally famous. Its white rock and its milky water gives a very particular aspect to this canyon.


To discover absolutely!

Details of the whole day canyoning trip


  • Duration : 5 hour (+ 20 minuts walk to go and 2 minuts to come back)
  • Difficulty : sporty
  • Minimum age : 14 years old
  • Cost : 80€/person. Private tour : 640€
  • Period : From june to september. 

Canyoning courses and rates

Courses Ages Duration Rates  Private prices(*) Period

- Family "Rayaup"

From 6 y.o.

1.30 hour 45 € 360 € July and august
- Discovery "Jabron" From 10 y.o. 1.30 hour + 1 hour walk 50 € 400 €  May to september

- Half day "Saint Auban"


From 14 y.o.
2.30hours 60 € 480 €  April to september

- Day



From 14 y.o.
6h 80 € 640 € May to september

(*) : Cost per group of 8 people maximum (possibility to have many groups)