Airboat canoe Verdon Gorge classic trip

Go aboard your airboat canoe or kayak to discover the Gorges du Verdon on an accessible to all course (with a slight experience of the activity), discovering the Verdon Gorge through a sporting fun and sports.

About the  classic canoe tour

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Whitewater Airboat Canoeing kayaking

From Castellane, go on a discovery tour by canoe in the "Gorges du Verdon". The duration of this sporting activity varies according to your level of practice, but generally lasts 1h45. Add the briefing time of the guide, the time of return by bus as well as of equipment ... count thus 3 hours!


As soon as the beginning you are going to defy the rapids ! You have to be responsive to take the right passes by following the guide.


Along the way, the rapids alternate with the quieter areas. You alternate the rest phases with the paddling phases to steer and speed up the canoe. As soon as the rapids calm down, take the time to admire the scenery around you.


Towards the end of the route stands the famous "Barre Saint Jean" rapids, a sort of waterfall that will return more than one boat without danger.

This course is particularly suitable for people who already have a little canoe experience and wish to discover the canoe Verdon a little more sporty than rafting (because yes, the canoe raft is sportier than rafting!).

Details of the canoe discovery trip in the Verdon Gorge


  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Lenght : 7 kilometres
  • Minimum age : 12 years old
  • Cost : 50€/person. Private tour : 400€
  • Period : From march to october. Available in case of water release by the dam (in summer : each tuesdays and fridays). 

Courses and rates

Courses Particularities Duration Minimum age Rates

- Classic

 Suitable for beginners 2h 12 yo 50 euros

- Sport

 Suitable for beginners 2.45h 14 yo 60 euros

22 kms with lunch break

Suitable for experienced paddlers

4.30h 14 yo 85 euros